Python users group in Knoxville, TN


Welcome Pythonistas! The KnoxPy group meets on the first Thursday of every month from 6:30-8:30pm at the Technology Cooperative in downtown Knoxville. Meetings are informal and open to anyone interested in the Python programming language. We encourage lively discussion, demonstrations, and presentations by programmers of all skill levels.

Topics discussed at our monthly meetings are listed below. Other resources for the group are located on our GitHub page.


September - Python Workshop
This month's meeting is all about the beginner. If you have never used Python or are just getting started, then this meet up is for you. We will help you install Python on your computer (so bring your laptop) and we will give a brief introduction of the Python programming language. Resources for further learning will also be provided at the end of the meeting.

August - Develop, Build, and Test AWS Lambda Python Functions using Docker
An introduction to using Docker containers to assist with local Python development, building of Lambda deployment package, and running unit/functional tests before deploying to AWS Lambda.

June - Vantam: Using Python to facilitate continuous delivery and automation
This month's speaker is Mark McIntyre from Scripps Networks. At Scripps Networks, AWS is our cloud of choice and even with the tools they provide we still need to make it all work. Python is what we have chosen to build the parts we need to make it work. With the boto3 library, we can access all the AWS services and resources to make automation possible.

May - REST APIs with Flask
Jared Smith, @jaredthecoder will talk about the Flask framework for Python makes not only website development simple, but also makes building REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs painless as well. This month Jared Smith will explore how you can apply the principles of Flask and Python to building REST APIs, including building a simple API with Flask-RESTful, a REST framework for Flask. More information about Flask is available at

April - DOE Code
This month Jay Jay Billings, @jayjaybillings, will discuss his work in the Scientific Software Development Team at ORNL. His projects include battery simulation and additive manufacturing research. Jay is also involved with the DOE Code project to provide an open source platform for scientific software. More information about DOE Code is available at

March - Python discussion
We have nothing planned for this month's meeting. So any suggestions would be helpful otherwise we'll just have an open discussion.

February - KnoxDevs event
Instead of our usual meeting this month, we encourage everyone to attend the KnoxDevs quarterly meeting. See the KnoxDevs site for more details.

January - Python discussions
Since there is no presentation scheduled this month, this is a good opportunity for everyone to learn something from other members in the group. If you have a particular question, consider posting it before the meeting in the comments section of this month's Meetup or in the #python channel on KnoxDevs Slack.


December - Building a blog with Django
Django is a popular Python web framework that includes most of the functionality needed to create web applications. This month, Ricardo will give an overview of the Django architecture and how to create a very simple blog. He will also demonstrate the admin interface and use Django class based views to list and view blog entries. For more information about Django, visit the project's website at

October - Building a Website with Python and Flask
With all the options for building websites these days, whether for your own project or for a professional client, choosing the right framework can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Python offers Flask which is a minimal (yet expressive) framework that is easy to extend. This month, Jared Smith will discuss why you should use Flask for your next project, explore some of the community around it, and finish with a demonstration of building a simple Reddit-like website for posting links and messages to a central feed.

September - Introduction to Celery
In this meeting, Christopher Ostrouchov will introduce Celery in an interactive way, so make sure to bring your laptops (no installation will be needed). Important concepts such as configuration, setting up remote workers, and managing task dependencies with Celery Canvas will be covered. Chris has found Celery an extremely helpful tool for automating both long and short running tasks in HPC. We hope to excite you with the simplicity of setting up Celery and getting started with automating complex jobs!

August - SciPy 2016 coverage
This month we’ll have Jean Bilheux give an overview of what he learned at the SciPy 2016 conference. More info about the conference can be found at We will also give away a copy of "Python 101” by Michael Driscoll during the meeting; you must attend the meeting for a chance to win the book. We'll also have a "mystery" speaker make an announcement at the end of the meeting.

July - Attend CodeStock 2016
To support the local tech community, we encourage everyone to attend the CodeStock conference in downtown Knoxville this month on July 15 and 16. You can purchase your tickets here. We will resume our usual monthly meetings at the Tech Co-op in August.

June - Python Discussions
Instead of having a presentation this month, we'll focus on answering questions about Python. This is a good opportunity for everyone to learn something from other members in the group. If you don't have Python on your computer, feel free to bring your Mac, Linux, or Windows laptop so we can help you install it on your system. Also, if you have a particular question, consider posting it before the meeting in the comments section of this month's Meetup or in the #python channel on KnoxDevs Slack. See ya in June!

May - Serverless Compute with AWS Lambda
This month Andy Cowell will talk about running Python code on AWS Lambda without the need to provision or manage servers. The code can be triggered from other AWS services or called directly from any web or mobile app.

April - NumPy and Docker
For our April meeting, we'll have a presentation about using NumPy for scientific computing in Python by Gavin Wiggins. We'll also have an overview on using Docker to distribute applications by Mike Hagedorn.

March - DevOps and Packaging
This month we'll have presentations about "DevOps" by Andy Cowell and "Creating a Python Package" by Dale Visser. We'll also have a round table discussion about the latest events in the world of Python.

February - Python 2016
This will be our first Python meeting of 2016. To bring in the new year, we have a new location and time: meetings will be on the first Thursday of each month at the Technology Cooperative in Emory Place located near downtown Knoxville; across the street from the Crafty Bastard Brewery. If you have ideas and suggestions about what KnoxPy should become, then please attend this meeting. We are still looking for sponsors and presenters so leave a comment below if you are interested in doing a presentation or providing a sponsorship.

January - KnoxDevs Event
In support of the local developer community, our first general meeting will be the KnoxDevs event at Open Chord Music on Kingston Pike. View the announcement on Eventbrite for more information and to RSVP. Don't forget to spread the word about the Knoxville Python group during the event. Our first official Python meeting of 2016 will be in February.


June - Bellhops with Knoxville Snake People
Adam Haney, Bellhops CTO and Knoxville native will present general architecture of the system. Bellhops is a web and mobile platform that connects customers in 130 cities with contractors who help with moving, labor and delivery tasks. They have differentiated from the existing moving industry by providing amazing customer service and technology that allows them to provide moving help at a lower cost and with much more convenience. They do all of this through mobile and web applications supported by their RESTful API which is written in Python using the Django web framework.

May - Ambition is in town!
Great news, Chattanooga based startup Ambition will attend our May meetup to share their experiences. Ambition started as a Lamp Post incubator and attended Y Combinator in 2014.

April - First meeting and lightning talks!
We will have a few 10 min lightning talks. Please volunteer if you would like to do a lightning talk. Any topic related to Python development should be good. Eric Miller will give an "Introduction to Pandas". Dale Visser will discuss "Welcom to the Cheese Shop: setuptools, virtualenv, and PyPUG". Gavin Wiggins presents "Biofuels Modeling in Python". Eric discusses "vPython: OpenCAD's Friendlier Brother".