KnoxPy 💻 🐍

Python users group in Knoxville, TN

Welcome Pythonistas! KnoxPy is a Python users group in Knoxville, TN that usually meets once a month. Meetings are informal and open to anyone interested in the Python programming language. We encourage lively discussion, demonstrations, and presentations by programmers of all skill levels. Subscribe to our calendar and newsletter for upcoming events. And don't forget to visit the links provided below to learn more about the group.

Calendar 📆 Newsletter 📬

Discord - Group discussions and online meetups.

Email - Questions, comments, and other feedback.

Support - Information on how to support the group.

GitHub - Repository for this website.

Twitter - Follow the organizer for upcoming events and announcements.

Resources - Links for learning about Python programming.

Members - A list of our members and their contact information.

Upcoming events

Want to give a presentation, lead a discussion, or demo some code? See the Submit a talk guidelines on our GitHub to submit your proposal. Or just contact us and we'll announce your talk for you.

Past events