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The Waffle House Index 🧇 Explorer

April 2, 2020 from 6:30-8:30pm
Online Meeting

For most of us in the US South, Waffle House is a treasured staple that's open when we uhh... most need it. It's so open that, as you may have heard, FEMA uses an index - the Waffle House index - to determine how severe a disaster is, and how to appropriately mobilize resources. From hurricanes to tornado outbreaks, the closure of a Waffle House almost certainly means something catastrophic has happened. COVID-19 definitely fits that definition, and in response, Waffle House has closed nearly 20% of their locations, with curbside pickup and to-go orders at the other locations. Turns out, to keep track of all 1967 locations, Waffle House has a nifty api that feeds their online map to find the nearest Waffle House location to you. Since it's actually a well formatted, geojson feed, we can play around with geopandas and requests to build a map of closed locations and could be combined with other information to build deeper insights. We'll walk you through a jupyter notebook with a few mapping options including geopandas' built-in matplotlib plotting as well as plotly. We'll also talk about deploying a visualization to the web with a respectful request.

Join the online meetup here: A minimally edited video will be released next day on KnoxDevs YouTube Channel.

Alex Pawlowski is a recent Master's graduate at the University of Tennessee, the lead organizer for KnoxData - a data science group in Knoxville, and co-organizer for KnoxDevs - the 501c(3) non-profit umbrella organization of software meetups in Knoxville. COVID-19 put a freeze to his job offers, so you can find him currently bike delivering for Jimmy John's in downtown Knoxville. You can find him on GitHub and Twitter.