KnoxPy 💻 🐍

Python users group in Knoxville, TN

Azure for the Pythonista

July 2, 2020 from 7:30-8:30pm
Online meeting

Azure is a cloud platform with many services. People often assume that Azure is for .NET and Microsoft developer; however, there is a lot to offer the Pythonista. AI, ML, Web Apps, Storage, and Serverless are just the tip of the iceberg of what there is to offer. In this talk by Jamie Phillips, we are going to focus on what Azure services provide Python support on both Windows, Linux, and container-based. We will take a basic application and walk through how to deploy that application to Azure App Service.

Also, if time permits, Gavin Wiggins will give an update about the revised KnoxPy website. The website is no longer built with Ruby and Jekyll. It now uses Python along with the Jinja and Markdown packages to generate the site. Good riddance Jekyll, you will not be missed! Gavin will also discuss the use of GitHub Actions for automatic site builds using a scheduled cron workflow.

This month's meeting will be online via Zoom. Connection details will be posted in our Slack channel and email newsletter. The meeting will also be available on our YouTube channel.